Participate in a unique activity, that is, The Pleasures of the Roman Cook, we offer you the opportunity to attend a lunch or dinner where all your senses will be protagonists. Taste a menu prepared with the recipe book, of Recycling , by Marco Gavio Apicio (1st century), this great cook not only played with the flavors but with the rest of the senses creating a world of sensations. In addition, part icipa of their rituals ( perfume, hand washing, coronation, etc.), as well as Roman pantomime.


It is a particular activity that is preserved in the memory. It consists of a lunch made with Apicio’s recipe book , which is enjoyed after the guided tour of the Roman Villa “El Ruedo”, the Iberian settlement “Cerro de la Cruz” and the Historical-Archaeological Museum, where the original presentation is kept, peculiarities and ritual of the Roman banquet. In the course of the same diverse interpretations are realized through the corporal expression (Roman pantomime), that they tell us and they stage diverse myths and legends related to the god Hypnos (that was found in Villa Romana) and on particular passages that in they were produced.

It lasts approximately 3 hours.

Lunch and / or dinner can be held and a minimum of 30 people is needed to do it.

This activity is usually done on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays).