The   Ruta Bética Romana passes today through fourteen cities in the provinces of Seville, Cádiz and Córdoba. It runs through the southernmost province of Roman Hispania and covers territories through which the old Via Augusta passed . This Route includes landscaped spaces of great geographical and natural interest such as the Natural Park of the Subbética Cordobesa, the Campiña, the Natural Park of the Bay of Cádiz or the Guadalquivir Valley.       

From the third century BC to the fifth century , the Betica was one of the territories annexed to the Roman Empire . Under its domain, this geographical space was recognized for its mining, olive oil, cereal production and the high level of Romanization of its inhabitants. Sample of the degree of Romanization reached by this province is the rise to imperial power at the end of the first century and during the II of two Betic emperors: Trajan        Y   Adriano , both born in Italica 


This emblematic town located in the southeast of the province of Cordoba, 110 km from the capital, bordering Granada and Jaén, offers a walk through time and culture, through nature and history, through the past and present that merge to dream the future.

It is located in the center of Andalusia, between the neighboring towns of Priego de Córdoba and Alcalá la Real, right at the vertex where the provinces of Córdoba, Jaén and Granada meet.

To speak of Almedinilla is to talk about archeology, culture, as do its important archaeological sites: the Roman Villa of “El Ruedo” and the Iberian settlement of “El Cerro de la Cruz” both declared BIC (Cultural Interest Property). These, together with the Historical-Archaeological Museum are part of the Ecomuseum of the Caicena River , a proposal to investigate maintain, conserve and disseminate this cultural wealth.           

This important heritage has allowed the development of a tourist, leisure-cultural, singular, varied and quality offer. More than well-known are the Roman foods, called THE PLEASURES OF THE ROMAN TABLE that are held every weekend. Special meals that maintain rites, characteristics, traditions and flavors of the time (made with the first century cookbook by Marco Gavius Apicius ), enjoying during the course of the same with a unique theatrical recreation. (Prize to the “Best Innovative Tourist Product” of the province of Córdoba). Offering the visitor to live a world of sensations.   

We invite you to visit this beautiful town and its natural environment, to walk through its streets and meet its people, we invite you to a walk through history, culture and tradition. Come and enter the Land of Dreams.