For the last few decades Cabra has been right next to the north-south main axis of Córdobas’s municipalities: the A-240 regional road (nowadays the A-318 and A-339 among others). Cabra has a  direct connection with the N-432 (Badajoz-Granada) national road through the A-318.

There is also a direct connection with the N-331 and the A-45 (Córdoba-Málaga) motorway through two possible regional roads:

  • the A-318 to Lucena
  • the A-342 to Monturque

The future of Cabra’s communications network is promising. The Olivar motorway (Estepa-Ubeda) is being built and it will pass just west of the town. Said motorway will use the layout of the current A-318 regional road.


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