Algar is located about 8km from Carcabuey towards South West. From Cortijo los López to Peñarubia It can be said that it is Algar but the center is delimited in: Avda. Prado Vicaría, Natalia Benítez, Plaza Horcajo, La Venta, La Garduña, El Barrio, El Ranal, El Ventorrillo, Barrás. Salazar and Humillas.

The Name of Algar comes from the Arabic Al-Gar and means Cave or Cavern. There is the Dark Cave next to a farmhouse. As for the history of that small population, it is closely linked to that of the Carcabuey parent town hall. Algar must have been one of the populations donated by Fernando III to the Order of Calatrava on the border bordering the Bishopric of Jaén.



Christmas Eve its a  a meeting where Christmas carols and songs of tradition in Algar find a place, which have called the attention even of the RNE musical and folklore research team with Fernando.”Los Mochileros” of Gaena, a musical group from another nearby village, tend to attend, among others, this type of meetings where Christmas Eve is sung with the aftertaste of centuries ago.

The patron feast of Algar, in the first or second week of June the festivities of the Virgin of Fatima, patron saint of Algar, are celebrated on Sunday afternoon and are coastal women who take her on walks throughout the village. Recreational activities and fun guaranteed throughout the weekend (sports, evening of “troveros,” verbena, flamenco, music, paella, churros).



The Castle of Algar is at the top of a hill today as ruins or archaeological remains, perhaps of Roman origin at first, because in its surroundings there are ceramic remains from both the Bronze age and Roman times. You can date the current castle in the Nasrid era, although rebuilt several times by Christians, it had some defensive importance according to the materials used, with large stone ashlars joined by mortar, capable of resisting enemy attacks. This

Primitive construction only remains the open ruin of a two-story tower, and a wall that joined with another tower and kept an inner fountain that supplied the fortress.