Arroyo del Cerezo

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The village of El Arroyo del Cerezo, next to the stream of the same name, is located to the south of the municipality of Iznájar, and is made up of a small group of scattered houses and farmhouses, which represent a clear symbol of traditional housing.

Water is a constant in Iznájar. The main nucleus emerges on the banks of the river Genil, on a high hill of sandstone that gives it a strategic position, but many villages are located along other minor rivers, tributaries of this, such as the river of La Hoz, or streams Solerche, Priego, Saucedilla, Adelantado, Gata, Cerezo, and others.

In the Arroyo del Cerezo, as in the other villages that are next to the stream beds, a rich ecosystem can be seen in which the flora stands out at first sight. There is a variety of plants such as chickweed, plantain, psyllium, yellow and white lilies, lentils and water lilies or the poplars and reed beds. Precisely the abundance of cherry trees on the banks of the stream gave its name to the village.

On the path of high natural and scenic value along the course of the stream, there have been found some remains of ceramics with archaeological value from the Iberian, Roman and Arab periods, which undoubtedly indicates the importance for the settlement of the local population, related to the presence of the water springs and the Arroyo del Cerezo itself.