Easter in Iznájar

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With the arrival of the first full moon of spring its originality is revealed. The processional parades stand out for their color, accompanied by those characterized as characters of the time representing and interpreting the roles of Jews, Pilate, the apostles, the Romans turning on Simon of Cyrene or the sayones with their colorful and florid helmets. A staging that has been preserved over the years.

The most significant part is the staging of the Passion of Christ, which is the responsibility of the Cultural Association ‘Hisn-Paso Ashr’, carried out by the people in the municipal multi-purpose room.

Palm Sunday

In this procession the memebers of the parade are Los Apóstoles (brotherhood that goes back to the middle of the seventeenth century), one of them represents Jesus, making the journey on the back of a donkey and accompanied by the rest of the apostolate, faithful with palms and branches of olive tree, the band of cornets and drums “Los Romanos” and the representation of the authorities.

Holy Monday


Via Crucis of the Hermandad del  Stimo. Cristo de la Buena Muerte y S. Juan Evangelista.

Spy Wednesday


Cofradía de Nuestro Padre Jesús Amarrado a la Columna y Santa Marcela

Maundy Thursday


Cofradía del Stimo. Cristo del Perdón. On this day, during the celebration of the Holy Mass in the Parish, the “Lavatory” is represented, and the priest performs the role of Jesus, washing the feet of his apostles. The capture of Jesus by “Los Romanos” is staged.

Good Friday


Cofradía de Ntro. Padre Jesús nazareno y Sto. Entierro y Cofradía de la Virgen de los Dolores. Known as el Calvario, during the morning, during the processional journey, three stops are made (the three Falls) and scenes of the Passion of Christ are represented in the streets. Along with the Image of Ntro. Padre Jesus Nazareno various living figures complete the parade: The Apostles, Simon of Cyrene, The Jews splitting the robe, Magdalene and Pilate among others.
The Dolorosa and the Sto Sepulcro will parade in the evening accompanied by the Jews, who reproach each other the death of Jesus, the Romans, authorities and municipal bands.

Easter Sunday


El Paso


It is in the representation of the Passion of Christ (Holy Saturday), known as “El Paso”, where the ancestral originality of the Easter week in Iznájar is revealed. A staging involving more than one hundred people, and which is the responsibility of the Cultural Association “Hisn-Paso-Ashar”.