Montes Claros

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To the south of the municipality of Iznájar, lying on the hill of “Las Realas”, is the Village of Montes Claros, formed by a small group of scattered houses and farmhouses, which represent a clear symbol of the traditional housing of rural Iznájar.

There are different high points in Montes Claros, which are magnificent viewpoints over landscapes of great natural and scenic beauty.

The environment, with predominance of the olive grove, also presents a great variety of native forest species and Mediterranean crops, such as oak, gall oak, almond, pomegranate, fig, lilies, rosemary, orchids, daisies, gorse and others. The “Cañada de Pijirri” stands out with its old water spring, from which the urban center of Iznájar was supplied.

Some points located on the reservoir are true bird observatories and from them can be seen ducks, cormorants, gray herons, loons, sandpipers, gulls and other birds that have their habitat in the reservoir.

The most characteristic of the viewpoints of Montes Claros is the one called “Los Barrancos”, on the descent that runs along the A-333 road, which becomes a strategic terrace over the reservoir and the town of Iznájar.

An aspect of popular and traditional culture which still persists in the village in the pig slaughter. It is a village party which takes place during the last month of the year.