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Crta. de Zagrilla s/n 14800 Priego de Córdoba (Córdoba)
(+34) 957540266
Description: OIL TASTING 'A journey through the aromas'. 'Aceites Vizcántar', in its desire to promote the qualities of the olive oils of the Designation of Origin Priego de Córdoba, has created, in its new facilities, a 'Salon del Gusto', where it offers its Tasting Service. A journey through the aromas and flavors of our region, those of the olive oil of the exquisite kinds of olives that our land breeds. Services: THE ROUTE 1. The Almazara: the process of obtaining oil from the olive. Cleaning, grinding, shaking, solid - liquid separation phase, centrifugation, decantation, storage and packaging. 2. The sensory profile. The most common attributes that occur in the Virgin Olive Oil: virtues and defects 3. Exploration of the senses: smell, taste, touch the aftertaste, see ... through olive oil: All being in the enjoyment of surrender to the seven senses. 4. Portrait of olive oil according to its sensory qualities: description of the categories. THE RESOURCES Our tasting offers this range of olive oils. 1. An Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Designation of Origin Priego de Córdoba that is characterized by its intensity and freshness in the fruity and great balance between the bitter-spicy and sweet taste notes. 2. A Lampante Olive Oil with great clarity of perception of the most common defects that we can find in an olive oil such as: Rancio, Borras, Atrojado, ... 3. A mono-varietal oil, of the picual variety, as the most abundant variety in Spain 4. And finally, a typical (pure) olive oil, to give rise to the explanation of the categories of oils 5. We also offer the Official Tasting Cups, which favor the perception of aromas and flavors, along with the Profile Sheets that describe the most common attributes of olive oil. The tasting process is completed with images, sound ..., understanding enhancers. In an environment of focus on our senses. DYNAMICS OF PARTICIPATION It is a practical class where each one of the attendees goes walking through the aromas and flavors of each of the samples of olive oil that is presented to them. The Tasting Master invites the participants to name the sensations that each oil perceives to, portray among all, each of the oils offered. Las Catas is complemented by information from other areas of olive oil, especially olive oil in gastronomy and olive oil and health. And the questions, curiosities and doubts of the participants are answered. The tastings are offered for groups of between 1 and 70 people and the duration is one hour and a quarter or so. Tasting prices: * Up to 3 People: 40 Euros * Between 4 and 6 people: 55 Euros * Between 7 and 10 people: 70 Euros * Between 11 and 15 people: 85 Euros * Between 16 and 20 people: 100 Euros * Between 21 and 30 people: 120 Euros * Between 31 and 40 people: 140 Euros * Between 41 and 50 people: 160 Euros * Between 51 and 60 people: 180 Euros * Between 61 and 70 people: 200 Euros Farewell we offer a tasting of our products: different kinds of oils, olives with different dressings, olive pâté, olive jam, cheese in olive oil, ... accompanied by a good fine wine of the earth or a soft drink. In an environment of focus on our senses. Enviar comentarios Historial Guardadas Comunidad

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Crta. de Zagrilla s/n – 14800 – Priego de Córdoba (Córdoba)

Telf (+34) 957540266

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Crta. de Zagrilla s/n
Priego de Córdoba (Córdoba)

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