Alarconas y Antorchas

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The village of Alarconas y Antorchas is located to the southeast of the municipal term of Iznájar, in the «Sierra del Membrillar». Located on the left margin of the reservoir, it is a path of great natural and scenic beauty, with wide viewpoints on the reservoir and the surrounding agricultural environment.

From the highest part of the village you can see the Sierras Subbéticas, where the peak of «La Tiñosa» stands out.

The tracks around the village are ideal routes for the practice of tourism related to the enjoyment of the natural environment, such as hiking routes or bicycle touring.

The environment, with a predominance of the olive grove, also presents, especially along the «Arroyo del Perejil», a wide variety of native forest species and Mediterranean crops, such as holm oak, gall oak, almond, pomegranate, fig trees , lilies, rosemary, saffron, orchids, daisies, gorse and others.

In Alarconas y Antorchas there are several natural viewpoints, strategically located along the left margin of the reservoir, which allow observation of the rich bird life of the area: ducks, cormorants, gray herons, loons, sandpipers, seagulls, reptiles like the ocellated lizard, terrapins, badgers or the stair snake.

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