(Almedinilla) Salto del Caballo

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GPS: 37.4360866 | -4.085104999999999

Starting point: Historical Museum/Natural reserve Fuente Ribera
End: Salto del Caballo Waterfall
Lenght: 4.5 km, lineal
Time: 40 minutes
Difficulty: Low

This path begins near the Historical Museum located at the feet of Sierra de Albayate. This tour lasts 40 minutes and takes us to the spectacular waterfall Salto del Caballo by an ancient Roman road. Nowadays the road is a livestock route, parallel to the
river Caicena.
We are at the feet of Tajo de las Llanás, an interesting geological formation of travertine. It is a sedimentary rock with partially biological origin. It’s
made of calcium carbonate deposits from an ancient waterfall, which left on the rocks tracks of animals and plants which used to grow there. We can explore a lot of little caves where lesser kestrels, rooks, owls, doves… have their refuges, for example Cueva de los Barriguches (in the mountainside which faces our town), and where also humans used to live in the prehistoric times. Romans used this place as a quarry of travertine. In fact, in the flat area at the top of the Tajo we can see the cuts used to extract the rock.
This path will take us through the remans of different flour mills, dated back to the 19th century. The river used to move the mills, and we can see one of them at the Historical Museum. They were tower or pondmills, and there were, at least, 10 of them along Caicena’s riverbed.

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