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The Archaeological Museum of Cabra was founded according to the ministerial order of the 15 January 1973 and was first located in the Town Hall. In 1973 it was moved to the building that used to house the Bank of Spain and is now the House of Culture. We access the museum after passing a wrought iron gate flanked by four columns of red marble from Cabra. It occupies most of the ground floor. The materials are arranged around the “Patio de columnas”, named after its 10 red marble columns that form a square enclosure covered by a multi-coloured stained glass window that allows for light to seep through. The materials on display come from archaeological excavations in the “Villa of Mithra” and “La Veleña”, fortuitous findings, surface materials gathering, donations, and acquisitions. They have been ordered by chronological criteria: from the Palaeolithic to our days. The entire collection testifies to the importance that Cabra and its surroundings have had throughout history.

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