Arroyo de Priego Córdoba

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The village of El Arroyo de Priego is a scattered settlement, located northeast of the municipality, between the «Loma del Santísimo» and the «Sierra de las Ventanas», through whose slopes run the stream that give the villege its name, and on whose margins there are houses and farmhouses that represent a clear symbol of the traditional housing of rural Iznájar.

The Priego stream, a tributary of the Genil river, shows along its course a route of great natural and scenic richness, with a wide variety of native forest species typical of the Mediterranean forest, such as oak, gall oak, almond, pomegranate, fig trees, lilies, rosemary, saffron, orchids, daisies, gorse and others.

As elements of the outstanding traditional architecture we find some traditional farmhouses and some springs and small fountains, now converted into wells, which, until recently, supplied the houses of the village with water.

The confluence of the waters of the stream with the reservoir are an ideal place to fish,where  the wide variety of birds that have their habitat in the backwater, such as ducks, cormorants, herons, loons, sandpipers, seagulls, and others can be seen.

An aspect of popular and traditional culture which still persists in the village in the pig slaughter. It is a village party which takes place during the last month of the year.

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