(Benamejí) Peña Parda

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GPS: 37.27042529999999 | -4.5385883999999805

Starting point: Los Caños de Benamejí campsite
End: Los Caños de Benamejí campsite
Lenght: 5.16 km, circular
Time: 1.5 hours
Difficulty: Low

The path begins at the “La Piscina” bar, attached to the campsite, Los Caños de Benamejí. The path slowly descends down through the shade of pine trees and surrounded by beautiful views. Then we must be careful when we come to a small but sharp drop off on our left, a small cave known as the Peña Parda. Then the path takes us between boulders, from which we can enjoy the renaissance bridge (s. XVI) and the forests of the Genil river leads us to cross the Gresante stream.
We then pass next to the ruins of a farmhouse (cortijo)
and continue on walking along the river. The river walk presents us with a variety of flora and possibly some aquatic birds. We arrive at the spectacular bridge leading to Malaga and also an old water wheel. Ascending up to the old Moorish Castle,
Gómez Arias, keeping sight of the medieval murette known as the “yacimiento del Hacho”. The path winds
between gardens and an old quarry. After a few crossings we connect to an asphalted road and with the Molina farmhouse. We take a left and walk by it amongst olive groves and pines until we again arrive at Los Caños de Benameji campsite.

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