(Cabra – Zuheros) El Río Bailón

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GPS: 37.48357852847095 | -4.376024234362831

Starting point: 1 km before Hermitage of the V. de la Sierra
End: Zuheros
Lenght: 12.8 km, lineal
Time: 6-7 hours
Difficulty: Medium

This itinerary is reached from the A-339 main road from Cabra to Priego de Córdoba, turning off at around the 19 or 20 km point onto the road that goes up to the summit of the hermitage of the Virgen de la Sierra, where the route begins, at the 5 km point along the access lane to La Nava. The route runs alongside the Bailon river, crossing the Poljé de La Nava. Herds of sheep can often be found here, and this pastoral tradition is manifest in the tracks for cattle herding (the route partly follows the Merchaniega track).
Upon reaching the Fuenseca stream, the river’s first tributary on the right-hand bank, a short walk upstream brings you to las Chorreras, a beautiful spot where in the rainy season the water flows between the rocks, forming a series of waterfalls. From here the route retraces its steps back to the beginning of the pathway. From here, we can go back to the starting point of this path or carry on to Zuheros. If we choose the second option, we will cross a beautiful holm-oak wood, and arrive at a wider area. There, we can see the plains of Arrebola to the left. Later we will reach the Pilar de la Fuenfría spring. From this point, we will follow a small path which penetrates into another holm-oak wood. Eventually, we will arrive to another clear area where we will find the cliffs of Cerro del Zumacal, where we will start the descent through the ravine of the Bailon river to Zuheros.

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