Cafetería Maná

Avenida de España, 30 14800 Priego de Córdoba (Córdoba)
(+34) 657379808
Café Maná located in one of the youngest areas of the city is known for offering a wide variety of products in its menus. TAPAS HOME: Flamenquines, croquettes, salmorejo ... PIZZAS AND BURGER: The best burgers of veal or chicken, as well as montaditos of loin or chicken. CAFÉS, CHOCOLATES AND TES: With a menu of more than 20 coffees, 10 chocolates and a variety of more than 30 different teas from all over the world. GINTONERÍA: Without a doubt it is the ideal place to have a drink, with an environment where the youth that Juanki and Dani bring together with the maturity of José mix. We have more than 40 dietary gins, including more than 25 Premiun. Wine list of the Earth recommended by El Catavinos, Wine Club. WE HAVE A LARGE TERRACE DURING THE SPRING AND SUMMER SEASON. WE PUT TAPAS WITH ALL THE DRINKS. Capacity: 60 people

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GPS: 37.43962 | -4.204889999999978

Avenida de España, 30 – 14800 – Priego de Córdoba (Córdoba)

Telf (+34) 657379808


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Avenida de España, 30
Priego de Córdoba (Córdoba)

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