(Carcabuey – Los Villares) Sierra de los Pollos

Ver Detalles

GPS: 37.4427807 | -4.27340090000007

Starting point: Pilar Fountain
End: Pilar Fountain
Lenght: 13.2 km, circular
Time: 5 hours
Difficulty: Medium

The whole of this walk is on a dirt track, which begins at the old Carcabuey-Priego road, and has a relatively long and steep first section, running through areas populated by typical trees of the area such as quince, cherry and walnut. There are also some interesting water outcrops in the area, and the track passes two springs.
After the first few kilometres the track begins to border the Sierra de Jaula or Sierra de los Pollos on the left, heavily planted with olive groves.
At the highest point of the walk, the track evens out a little before becoming more uneven again, and a path through olive groves comes into view. From here there is a magnificent view of the Cabra massif and, further along, the Sierra Gallinera and Sierra Horconera.

On the last stretch of the walk there is a series of cortijos
or country houses next to the Villares stream,
which they use to irrigate their plots of land. After turning left, a kilometre further ahead the GR-7 turning to Rute comes into view. We go on towards Los Villares Hermitage where we can find Campanillas
Road. Campanillas Road runs parallel to a stream which is named with the same name. And if we go straight on that road, we will come back Carcabuey.

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