(Carcabuey) Puerto Escaño

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GPS: 37.441724 | -4.278384800000026

Starting point: San Marcos street, Carcabuey
End: Near Carcabuey
Lenght: 17.5 km, circular
Time: 6 hours
Difficulty: Medium

We will start in San Marcos street. After crossing the
Pontón brook, a pronounced ascent between olive
groves and almond trees will lead us to La Luca (Peñas Altas) country house, and later to the Fuente
del Puerto spring, which is almost the highest point of
our path. There, we can cool ourselves off and enjoy the wonderful views of Sierra de Horconera-Rute mountains, where La Tiñosa (1570 m), the highest peak of Cordoba, stands above.
After the last steep slope, we will reach Puerto Escaño pass, and cross a flat area. Then, we will start our
descent. We will go through a farm fence – which must remain closed- and follow a little lane between gorses, brooms and mastic trees, which will lead us to the Hoyón del Lagunazo cavern. At this point, we will take Colada del Castillejo track, and enjoy the amazing views.
From this point we have two options to continue our route to Carcabuey.
The first one consist in keeping walking the upwelling zone, until we reach the road which joins Carcabuey and Cabra, and following a lane parallel to this road from the Fuente Catalina spring.
The second path, recommended for those who don’t like paved lanes, starts at Fuentes del Castillejo and follows Carmen lane, which runs through olive trees and vegetable gardens with amazing views.

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Download PDF