Carnival in Rute

Ver Detalles

GPS: 37.3454221 | -4.4230908

When talking about this celebration, we must underline the remarkable boom that it has reached in recent years, which has made it one of the most important carnivals of the province of Córdoba.

During these fun festivities the collective subconscious is given free rein through satire and disguise.

The Rute carnival is celebrated during the week before the first Sunday after Ash Wednesday, at the height of these festivities and a large number of masks and groups (known as murgas) participate in it, singing their famous songs that ridicule or praise aspects related to the daily life of the past months.

As a rule, every year there is a contest of murgas and costumes that culminates with a festive evening open to the public.

The carnival ends with the celebration known as «el entierro de la sardina» (the burrial of the sardine), which in recent years has become very popular within and outside of Rute.

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