Corona, Algaida y Gata

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The vilage of Corona, Algaida yGata, form an ensemble of small groups of houses, which are located southeast of the municipality of Iznájar.

The environment, although widely dominated by the cultivation of the olive grove, presents a great variety of forest species typical of the Mediterranean forest, such as holm oak, gall oak, almond, pomegranate and fig trees, as well as espartales and broom trees on the slopes of strong insolation. The existence of a rich ecosystem stands out in the vicinity of the Arroyo de Gata, where, at first sight, the flora is enriched with a great variety of plants such as the chickweed, the plantain, the psyllium, the lily with yellow and white tones, lentils and water lilies or poplars and reed beds.

Among the most outstanding architectural elements is the Church of el Buen Pastor of Corona and the Fountain of «La Moyana».

The Church of el Buen Pastor was built with the contributions of the neighbors of the village, opening to worship on December 6, 1972.

The «Fuente de la Moyana» was traditionally used to fill the pitchers, vases, and pots, to supply domestic consumption. The path that leads to the fountain presents a high landscape and natural value, with the typical flora of the most humid areas.

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