Cruces de Mayo in Rute

Ver Detalles

GPS: 37.3454221 | -4.4230908

During the first days of May, the Fiestas de las Cruces take place, which constitute a vibrant image of beauty.

The center of the celebration is a cross, of natural or reduced size, that is adorned, in the street or in the interior of a house, with flowers, plants, diverse objects (handkerchiefs, quilts, pictures, chandeliers … ) and elaborate ornaments.

In Rute, at the beginning of May, the pagan and religious celebrations around the Cross were once mixed. Especially characteristic was the organization by the guild of sporting events that combined with traditional fireworks and musical performances. Far from losing these traditions, the brothers of the Vera Cruz continue to carry out an invaluable work in the face of the enhancement of these festivals and in the last decades of the last century the Floral Games were established, through which youth are encouraged to pray to the Virgen de la Sangre through poetry, and prominent personalities are invited to make presentations on the meaning of Mary in the Gospels and the exaltation of the Holy Cross.

These festivities culminate with the procession of the Holy Cross, accompanied by the Virgen de la Sangre.

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