(Doña Mencía) Fuente Las Pilas – Torre Plata

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Starting point: Doña Mencía Vía Verde Station
End: Doña Mencía Vía Verde Station
Lenght: 5.5 km, circular
Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Medium

You can access to this place by the Greenway of La Subbetica towards Cabra. Located at one kilometre from this place, on the left there is a rising way by which you can get
to Las Pilas Fountain. This fountain is made of huge limestone ashlars joined with masonry. If we continue along a
narrow path until getting to Silver Tower, we will arrive at an ancient viewing tower, built in the middle of the 14th century. From this tower it is possible to see an astonishing
view of Doña Mencía.
Descending 700 metres, there is a way that descends sharply
to end at the Greenway of La Subbetica.
This track runs along the foothills of mountains of the Natural Park of Las Sierras Subbeticas.

  • Indigenous flora of the mountains: the arboreal stratum (holm oaks), shrub vegetation (broom, gallomba…), herbaceous
    plants (rosemary, gorse,…)
  • Fauna: Insects, arachnids, rodents,  predators and vultures,…
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