El Adelantado

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The village of El Adelantado is located southwest of the municipality of Iznájar, at the foot of the hill of «Las Monjas», next to the stream of the same name and bordering the province of Malaga.

The name «Adelantado» recalls the skirmishes of war, which were disputed between the Nasrid kingdom of Granada and the kingdom of Castile for much of the fifteenth century.
From the mountain range of «La Loma» you can contemplate a splendid landscape, in a mosaic of olive groves, mountains and traditional houses.

Among the most outstanding architectural elements is the «Las Albercas» Fountain, used as a public washing place. Although it has been restored recently, its origin goes back to the first houses that were built in the area, characterized by its acclimatized water, hot in winter and cold in summer.

This fountain is an example of the culture and history of the settlements of the area and it shows what the daily life of its inhabitants was like, showing the ethnographical importance of the agricultural and social activities that took place there in the past.

An aspect of popular and traditional culture which still persists in the village in the pig slaughter. It is a village party  which takes place during the last month of the year.

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