Fair of the Virgen de la Cabeza in Rute

Ver Detalles

GPS: 37.3454221 | -4.4230908

The devotion to the Morenita is renewed every year on the  second Sunday of May.

This Marian advocation, centenary in Rute, will traverse in the morning the streets of its neighborhood in pilgrimage, where the street of the Cortijuelos becomes the place to celebrate ‘with cheers and songs’, as the lyrics of an old song goes. In the evening it will go in a more solemn procession through the main neighborhoods of the town.

The Brotherhood, during these dates, organizes a wide program of activities in which liturgical and cultural events are combined. The start of the festivities coincides with the Mass of Romeros and the traditional Pilgrimage of the Brothers of Andújar to the Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de la Cabeza in Andújar with the consequent return to Rute, full of joy and devotion.

Among other acts is the traditional novena to the Virgin, the commemoration of its canonical coronation, and the subsequent Proclamation of the Festivities and the Coronation of the Queen and Dames of the Festivities.

On the eve of the Pilgrimage there is a traditional offering of flowers, which will go through some streets of Rute and which has the traditional participation of several choirs of pilgrims from various places along with the locals.

These parties coincide with the Fair that takes place during this second weekend of May and lasts until Tuesday.

In Rute these celebrations in honor of Maria Santísima de la Cabeza continue throughout the month of May, during which all the children born that year in the town are passed through the mantle of the Virgin and a traditional kissing.

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