Festivities of «San Juanillo»

Ver Detalles

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Popular neighborhood party, held in the middle of June. It is the previous party to the bosses of San Juan. It is organized by the «brothers of San Juanillo», who are chosen by the outgoing brothers from among the neighbors of the «groups» neighborhood.

The party begins on Saturday morning with a mass held in the same park of San Juanillo, in honor of it, followed by a small procession of the image through the streets of the neighborhood. At noon, the brothers offer a free meal of conviviality to all the attendees, while they enjoy the arts of the local groups that usually brighten up the atmosphere.

At night, as is tradition in the town, an orchestra together with a musical trio are in charge of animating the verbena that usually lasts until the wee hours of the morning and even the dawn.

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