Fuente de Jarcas trail

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The route begins in Cabra, next to the water tanks about a hundred metres from the former railway station (now a workshop school).

For the first kilometre follow the railway tracks towards Lucena until reaching a bridge, then head down to a path parallel to a stream to the right, between olive trees and blackberry bushes. From here isolated copses of trees and scrub can be seen, including walnut, fig, hawthorn, blackthorn, and rosemary.

At around the third kilometre the path comes onto the Fuente de los Frailes or Friars’ Fountain, a typical example of the area’s fountains; nearby is an interesting Roman road, where the land was quarried to make millstones.

From there is an uphill slope of around 1.5 km, ending at the junction with the road that leads to the hermitage of la Virgen de la Sierra. The hermitage can be seen to the left, as well as part of the spectacular limestone formation el Lapiaz de los Lanchares. From here, if you wish, the route leads downhill, crossing the A-339 road. One kilometre further along is the Fuente de Jarcas, officially declared a spring in 1958 by the Cabra town council.

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