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At the end of Pilar Street, in front of Las Parras Street, currently Bishop Pérez Muñoz, is a fountain currently called El Pilar, formerly Los Caños, located on a square that is embellished with its presence. Built in the eighteenth century, like many of the most unique houses in Carcabuey in an eagerness of that time, of certain demographic and economic growth, of giving the town a relevant city aspect. It is a circular plant construction forming four lobes hand-carved on limestone rock in one piece, four pylons that are supplied with water from four pipes that flow from a central pilaster of several bodies differentiated by their thickness and ornamentation.

The set, simply decorated with geometric plates cut into the stone, is topped by scrolls that support a sphere in which an iron frame is attached whose function, perhaps, was to ensure the subjection of some religious image or later Of some lamppost.

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