Hermanos de la Aurora

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GPS: 37.3454221 | -4.4230908

The Hermanos de la Aurora de Ntra. Sra. Del Carmen of Rute maintain a tradition of centuries that is still today in full swing. According to the story, this group of bell-players went around singing their traditional songs through the streets of Rute and their villages in order to raise money for the celebration of the Patron Saint Festivities in honor of Nuestra Señora del Carmen. These outings took place every Saturday during the summer months, and it is still one of the most important traditions of our town to this day. Today, the outings take place every Saturday at 12 o’clock at night starting from the Shrine of Ntra. Sra. Del Carmen and touring the streets of Rute to sing the glories of Mary. These departures normally begin in mid-June and end on the Saturday closest to August 15. Among all, perhaps the most outstanding is that of the last Saturday of July, the eve of the Transfer of the Patron to the Parish of Santa Catalina Mártir.

His recognition is not confined to Rute, since they have played in numerous towns throughout history. In addition, for the president, it is «an institution» that goes beyond the purely brotherly scope, «because what mother has not rocked her child to sleep with these traditional songs».

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