Hermitage of San Sebastián

Ver Detalles

GPS: 37.325020 | -4.370719

This small chapel stands apposite the Parish of Santa Catalina. It is currently part of the Juan Cristóstomo Mangas home for the elderly. Its construction, associated to that of the Hospital that carries the same name, took place circa 1582.

Of a single nave, its interest lies in the richly decorated roofs, which consist of two sections of barrel with lunettes to whicha third edge  is added corresponding to the presbytery. All its surface is covered with mural paintings of vegetal motifs in gold complemented with plasterwork in certain points, in its craftmanship the hand of Cecilio Antonio Franco Roldán can be seen.

The small altarpiece that presides over the chapel is in the 18th century Baroque style, centered on an image of the crucified Christ of academic size from the beginning of the 17th century, flanked by paintings of the childhood of Christ, in the attic, a small image of the titular Saint.

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