Hermitage of the Vera Cruz

Ver Detalles

GPS: 37.3237993 | -4.3687016

The construction of the Hermitage and its annex hospital began with the founding of the homonymous Brotherhood in 1555, although the its current look is the result of numerous transformations.

It consists of an austere façade made of brick with a belfry and the interior of a single nave covered by a barrel vault with barrel arches and lunettes with oculi on one of its sides. The presbytery is covered with a dome on pendentives decorated with interesting fresco paintings from the 30’s of the 18th century representing the Holy Trinity, sorrowful Virgin and apostolate.

From the same date is the main altarpiece made in Granada. It has a central arcade that shelters the image of María Santísima de la Sangre,  made by Pedro de Mena in 1672; to its sides we find the images of San Nicolás de Bari and San Francisco Javier.

The walls of the temple also host the images of Jesus tied to the column, work brought from Granada in 1665, and the carving of the Santísimo Cristo de la Vera Cruz, image of the 16th century recently donated to the temple.

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