Jaramillo y Lorite

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The village of El Jaramillo is an extensive territory, located to the north of the municipality of Iznájar, where houses and farmhouses are scattered among olive groves, in a very hilly terrain in the foothills of the Sierras Subbéticas, dominating the Solerche and Hurtado streams, which is called Lorite.

The stream of Solerche flows through the village, which means that, as in the other villages that are next to the stream beds, there is a rich ecosystem, in which a rich flora stands out, with a great variety of plants such as the chickweed, the plantain, the psyllium, the yellow and white lily, the lentils and water lilies, or the poplars and reedbeds.

Among the most prominent elements of popular architecture in the village are different public fountains, such as the «Fuente de los Peñones» and the «Fuente de los Simones». Located in the lower part of the village, taking advantage of the confluence of the waters of the Solerche and Hurtado streams, in a place of singular beauty, are the Fountain and Public Washing place of Lorite, which in other times were used by women, who came to wash clothes and fill the jugs and jars to supply domestic consumption. These fountains are an example of the culture and history of the settlements of the area and it shows what the daily life of its inhabitants was like, showing the ethnographical importance of the agricultural and social activities that took place there in the past.

An aspect of popular and traditional culture which still persists in the village in the pig slaughter. It is a village party which takes place during the last month of the year.

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