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The Village of La Celada is located north of the municipal area, between the «Cerro del Azucarón» and the «Loma de las Ventanas».

The name of the village comes from the Latin, (celada is a hidden village), and without a doubt La Celada is sheltered between hills and hills. However, specifying further, it seems that the true origin of the name refers to the place of an ancient ambush or trap in a hidden place.

The first vestiges found in the village reveal the Iberian and Roman presence in the area, although the Arabs also inhabited the village and some Almoravid coins and some medieval texts, which mention the existence of a farm called La Ariza, have been found.

Standing majestically above the village is the «Sierra de las Ventanas». Its origin dates back to the Cenozoic, and it contains numerous fossil shells of ammonites and belemnites. Its upper part is a magnificent natural viewpoint, from where you can contemplate magnificent views over the reservoir and the municipality of Iznájar; presenting the typical Mediterranean flora and fauna of the hillsides of strong sunstroke, with esparto, broom, gorse, rockroses and badgers, reptiles such as the ocellated lizard or ladder snakes.

The most outstanding architectural elements are the Church of San José and the Public Laundry. The church was designed by the architect Fernando Angulo and inaugurated on March 19, 1979. The public washing place serves as testimony of time. These places served as meeting points for women, that went there to wash clothes or to pick up water for other domestic uses.
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