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The Village of La Hoz is located northwest of the municipality of Iznájar, at the foot of the Sierras Subbéticas, being the the river that gives name to the Village the limit of the municipal terms of Iznájar and Rute.
It is likely that this place takes its name it from the remains of the structures of the preexisting Iberian fortification in the village.

Water is a constant in Iznájar and thus most of its villages are located along rivers, as is the case of the village of La Hoz, or next to the numerous drinking troughs or water sources in the municipality. With the presence of the river, we can appreciate the existence of a rich ecosystem, in which an abundant flora stands out, with a great variety of plants such as the chickweed, the plantain, the psyllium, the lily and the water lilies, or the poplars and cane fields.

The orchard terrain, the olive groves, the wide groves of poplars, and the limestone terrain that makes up the «Garganta» where the river of La Hoz is born, are landscape elements of singular beauty.

The archaeological remains found in the village reveal the Iberian presence in the area, having found ceramics with geometric decoration and pieces of amphoras of similar chronology. The Iberian fortified enclosure stands out in the place known as «Cerro del Castillejo», a site that presents a good strategic location, with strong escarpments on all its flanks, exerting an evident function of control over the river, and the roads and paths that border it.

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