Las Chozas

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The Las Chozas village is located in the Sierra de La Torre and is a great lookout to enjoy Iznájar from a distance.

Las Chozas (The Huts) is named after the original settlements of the are that slowly turned into houses and small farmhouses.

Although there are many historians and scholars who do not discard the possibility of the Neolithic and Chalcolithic habitat in the Iznájar term, and more specifically in the caves that exist in the hill where the current village of Las Chozas is located, vestiges have been found of Argaric settlements, with continuity during the Bronze Age, and Iberian and Roman periods, arising already during this time the typical villae dedicated to the agricultural exploitation of the land.

The public washing place and the «Fuente de la Pililla», are constructive elements of popular architecture that are preserved in the village, and that serve as testimony of time. These places served as meeting points for women, that went there to wash clothes or to pick up water for other domestic uses.

The local fair of Saint Mark is on the 24th and 25th or April.

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