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The Village of Los Concejos is located southeast of the municipality of Iznájar, between the «Sierra del Membrillar» and the waters of the reservoir. Located on the left margin of the marsh, it is a path of great scenic and natural richness.

The path of the left margin of the swamp constitutes an ideal route for the practice of tourism related to the enjoyment of nature, through the practice of hiking or bicycle tourism.

The environment, with a predominance of the olive grove, also presents, especially along the «Arroyo del Perejil», a wide variety of native and forest forest species and Mediterranean crops, such as holm oak, gall oak, almond, pomegranate, fig trees , lilies, rosemary, saffron, orchids, daisies, gorse and others.

In Los Concejos we will find several natural viewpoints on the reservoir, which allow us to observe the rich bird life of the area: ducks, cormorants, gray herons, loons, sandpipers, seagulls, reptiles such as the ocellated lizard, sea turtles, badgers or the snake stairs.

From these viewpoints, to the left of the village of Los Concejos can be seen the dam that holds the waters of the Genil river, and on the right the dammed waters under which were submerged some villages of Iznájar, orchards on the riverbank, as the vegetable gardens of the Remolino, San José or the Huertas de la Granja.

Located in front of the village and surrounded by the reservoir, is the «Cerro de La Mezquita», cataloged as an Asset of Cultural Interest by the Junta de Andalucía, to be found in an Iberian fortified enclosure.

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