Los Juncares

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The Village of Los Juncares is made up of groups of houses and many others scattered on the hillside of the Sierra de las Ventanas, northeast of the municipality of Iznájar.

The toponym of the village comes from the name of the reed plant, as a place where these plants abound.

Throughout the extensive village, there are spaces with an abundance of trees, representative of the Mediterranean forest, such as holm oaks. Also the abundance of water  from the adjoining mountain ranges favours the existence of a rich ecosystem in which a rich flora stands out, with a great variety of plants like the chickweed, the plantain, the psyllium, the yellow and white lily, lentils and water lilies or poplars and reed beds.

In this vast territory, Iberian and Roman archaeological remains have been found, such as ashlars or tombs dug into the rock that inhabitants did in Iberian and Roman times.

This Village was also inhabited by the Arabs, as evidenced by the configuration of the narrow and steep streets, around the washing place and the ditch, as well as the layout and structure of the houses.

The most outstanding elements of traditional architecture are the fountains such as the «Fuente de Los Juncares», the «Fuente de Chabanco» and the public washing place and ditch. A pergola covers the Fuente de Los Juncares, which is undoubtedly intimately related to the origin of the Village, not in vain the abundance of this made its first settlers stay in the area.

The washing place, the ditch and the fountains of Los Juncares evoke important agricultural and social activities, from an ethnographic point of view.

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