(Lucena) Laguna Amarga

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GPS: 37.318208876683165 | -4.617977358752455

Starting point: Next to the a-3131 to Jauja
End: Next to the a-3131 to Jauja
Lenght: 1 km, circular
Time: 1.5 hours
Difficulty: Low

This short trail is located in a nature reserve and overlooks
the landscape of two lakes known as Amarga (258 ha.) and Dulce (262,52 ha.), or bitter and sweet respectively. The principal characteristic of the Laguna Amarga is the high level of magnesium sulphate present in the water, hence its name. There is a surprising contrast between the intense blue of this lake and the Laguna Dulce close by, the colour of which despite its proximity is a much warmer blue; the lakes are fed by underground springs as well as a run-off and rain water.
The landscape around the lakes offers typical marshland vegetation, with varieties including canes, tamarisk, rushes, sedge and reeds. The surroundings offer a pretty panorama of olive trees bordering Mediterranean scrubland. The most
obvious fauna is birdlife, since the site forms a natural habitat
for some species and a temporary habitat for other species on their migration route. Among the latter it is worth
mentioning the purple swamp hen and white-headed duck,
both of which are categorised as endangered species.

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