(Luque – Carcabuey) Las Buitreras

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GPS: 37.55602887105332 | -4.284283767983993

Starting point: Luque, next to the municipal swimming pool.
End: Near Carcabuey (A-229)
Lenght: 17.5 km
Time: 7 hours
Difficulty: Medium

This route, which starts next to the local swimming pool, offers the opportunity to enjoy the imposing landscape revealed along the trail, which has the additional attraction of wending its way between mountains which are home to the nesting ground of the largest colony of griffon vultures in the area.

On the slopes above Luque, you can follow a variant of the trail, the PR 62.1, which climbs up to the Fuente del Espino spring and returns by way of the Cortijo de la Osa to meet up with the main trail. Along this stretch, don’t forget to close the game enclosures when you go through them. After passing the Cortijo de la Nava you will come across a turn-iff signposted to Zagrilla Alta, but the trail is only marked by cairns (small pyramids made of stones). Before climbing up the pass through the Sierra de la Lastra and the hill known as Abuchite, you will walk through the small polje of the Nava de Luque.

The route ends in the vicinity of Carcabuey, which provides the opportunity of ending the nature walk with local culture and the traditional manufacture of oil, since there is an olive oil mill here.

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