(Luque) Malos vientos

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GPS: 37.55686448510051 | -4.283327271936059

Starting point: Cruz de Marbella area
End: Cruz de Marbella area
Lenght: 11.23 km, circular
Time: 3.5 hours
Difficulty: Medium

Access to this path from Luque , we are located in the sports area of Luque, near the Municipal Pool, Tennis and football field, which we take as reference for our departure.

We started walking about 682 m above sea level, southwest direction, and the trail begins gradually to be difficult. We continue for 3 km uphill until you reach 978 m towards the hill of the Cangilones.

It is worth looking back and enjoying the view of the Laguna Del Salobral and the peaks of Sierra Nevada. When we arrive at km 2.7 we leave the road to the Cave of Bats in Zuheros, we descend about 900 meters to take a dirt road which goes left us again. For 1.5 km we have been traveling downhill, which will serve to gather strength to reach the top of our route located 1030 m above sea level.

The path continues towards the Fuente Del Espino, linking at 1.5 km to the famous «Vereda Manchaniega», where we will see the Pico de Abuchite of 1,261 m, it is the highest peak of the town. We return to the point of intersection, where we begin a descent fairly steep for about 2 km, until it joins the track «Camino de Bernabé» (Luque-Carcabuey), where we will return to Luque.

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