Parish Church of la Asunción

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A clear bell sound invites us to continue out visit towards the Parish Church of la Asunción y Ángeles.

It occupies the central space of the old town. It was built in the Middle Ages over an old Muslim mosque by the Calatrava brothers. The church was dedicated to Santa María de los Ángeles in 1241, the year of the town’s conquest by king Ferdinand III.

The interior consists of five naves arranged in rows of stilted arches over 44 columns of red marble and covered by barrel vaults.

The main altar reredo, designed by local architect José Granados de la Barrera, is made of red and black marble. The central niche houses the the statue of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, from 1693. It is also worth noting the wooden choir and the organ located in it.

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