(Priego de Córdoba) La Tiñosa

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GPS: 37.43981110000001 | -4.206095799999957

Starting point: España Avenue (opposite Residencia San José)
End: Chozas de Toledo Country House
Lenght: 16 km, excluding ascent of La Tiñosa
Time: 5 hours
Difficulty: Medium

We will start at the Avda. de España, opposite the San José Nursing Home toward the track known as the Camino Alto or Camino Antiguo de Rute.
We will continue along this path leaving Las Canteras de Chichaque to your left and coming out onto the Camino de la Navasequilla (at 2,374 m from the preceding distance point). We will take this asphalted track and we will take the left-hand at the crossroads. 300 m further we will go on the path and stay on it to the end (NAVASEQUILLA). Some meters later, at 2,0908 m from the starting point there is another major crossroads where the path to the right leads to the Camino de Jaula or Los Villares (Horconera), but to aim for the foot of La Tiñosa you need to stay on the same path, which is also called the Camino del Mayozazgo-Peñuela, where towards the end of the trail you will find a cortijo in the area known as Las Chozas de Toledo (2,821 m from the last crossroads at 1,000 m altitude; reference: green chains) located at the foot of La Tiñosa itself. Here ends the journey and you have to come back.

If you wish, you can climb to the highest summit in the geography of the Cordoba region, from this side up the north face, an ascent known as El Fantasma (the ghost), although there is also an easier ascent on the West side (Puerto Mañina o Mahina) following around below El Morrión up to the highest point of La Tiñosa, geodetic point (altitude 1,568 m), where climbers can leave written proof of their ascent in a metal box.

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