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The Village of Solerche is located to the north of the municipality conformed by numerous if scattered groups of houses, that settle in a steep terrain, between olive groves and Mediterranean vegetation.

The highest part of the village of Solerche is an extraordinary viewpoint over the reservoir with the dam in the background, retaining the waters of the Genil River. In the lower part, with the presence of the stream, there is a rich ecosystem, which highlights a variety of plants, such as chickweed, plantain, sunflower, lily and water lilies, or poplars and reed beds.

The archaeological remains found in the village reveal the human presence in Iberian times, highlighted by the fortified Iberian enclosure known as «La Torre», located in a strategic point, which although not very high, has strong pits over the stream, which runs at a short distance. Hardly any emergent structures of this tower have been preserved.

Among the most prominent elements of popular architecture in the village is the «Fuente del Charcón». These fountains are an example of the culture and history of the settlements of the area and it shows what the daily life of its inhabitants was like, showing the ethnographical importance of the agricultural and social activities that took place there in the past.

An aspect of popular and traditional culture which still persists in the village in the pig slaughter. It is a village party which takes place during the last month of the year.

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