Valenzuela y Llanadas

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The village of Valenzuela y Llanadas, is formed by a group of scattered houses located south of the municipality of Iznájar.

The environment, although largely dominated by the cultivation of olive groves, presents a wide variety of forest species typical of the Mediterranean forest, such as oak, gall oak, almond, pomegranate, fig trees, lilies, rosemary, saffron, orchids, daisies, gorse, and other.

As elements within the traditional and popular architecture some of the highlights are the Fountain and washing place of «Las Pilas». This fountain and this public washing place, located each on one side of the access to the neighboring village of Arroyo del Cerezo, is a reminder of times in which places like this were frequented by farmers, to be used as a trough, but also as a  forced meeting point reserved for women, who came to wash clothes.

In the area surrounding the fountain there have been found some remains of ceramics with archaeological value from the Iberian, Roman and Arab periods, which undoubtedly indicates the importance for the settlement of the local population, related to the presence of the water springs.

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