Ventorros de Balerma

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The Village of Los Ventorros de Balerma is located in the southeast of the municipality of Iznájar, bordering the province of Granada, with the peculiarity that a street, popularly known as the Calle del Límite, marks the administrative separation between the provinces of Córdoba and Granada.

Its name comes from the Fountain of Malerva, which was converted by transliteration in Balerma. The original Arabic word «suq al-arbaa» means the souk of Wednesdays, perhaps because a market was held here during the years of Muslim domination. La Venta (lodging) or Ventorro indicates that this place served for these purposes, since it is on the road that leads to Loja, which was very popular during the wars of reconquest.

Among the most outstanding architectural elements is the Hermitage of San Isidro, which was completed in 1908 and built on a previous one in which this image was also venerated. The expenses were paid by the neighbor Ángel Herrero García.

Of special interest are: the «Fuente de Balerma», which gave the nickname to the village and the «Fuente de Jato» which is a drinking trough located in the drove way, known as Cordel de Loja. From the Cerro viewpoint one can contemplate the  tail of the reservoir on the one side in the municipality of Loja, already in the province of Granada, and on the other side a picturesque view of the village of Iznájar, set in a high hill of sandstone.


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