Typical Dishes Recipes

Lucena has a good set of dishes of clear deep-seated peasant that take advantage of the richest products of its regions, among which its precious oils stand out. As a sample it is worth mentioning the “bolos lucentinos” (meat bowling), “roña de habicholones”,”ajogaos” peppers, gazpachuelo, the meatballs of anchovies, the chestnut stew or the tortilla al charco, without forgetting some extraordinary esparragados (asparagus). In the aspect of the pastrymaking, the puff pastries, the muffins and alegrías, as well as the frying pan fruit are exquisite: pestiños, tirabuzones and gajorros. According to an ancestral sweet tradition in Lucena, nougat and jams are made industrially.

Undoubtedly, from the household chores, only those of the kitchen, have deserved the name of art and nothing else, it was what they got the Lucentinas (women from Lucena) of yesteryear, that did not have enough economic means, making their stews, were able to replace the chicken, for a few laurel leaves.                                                    The esparragados (asparagus) to accompany scrambled, salad of cauliflower, peppers and tomatoes stuffed with rice, eggs with cheese, pestiños, gajorros, fried milk, croutons porridge, almond nougats, wines of the Denomination of Origin Montilla-Moriles, Pedro Ximénez and the olive oil of the Denomination of Origin Lucena. Diet based on products from the area, and fish brought from Malaga.

To taste these and many other dishes, you can do it at any of the restaurants in the town.