The Subbética constitutes an exuberant territory located to the south of the capital, populated from the dawn of Man, but also used as a passage zone and border area, so that its beautiful places can be crossed linking its different historical stages: the Route of the Prehistory, through the numerous sites and museums of the region (Doña Mencía, Zuheros or Luque), the Route of Iberians and Romans (Almedinilla, Priego, Cabra), that of Christians and Muslims, which recalls the border character with its abundant castles (Iznájar, Rute, Lucena, Carcabuey), or that of the Baroque, because the Subbética represents an important focus of this art supported by the religious fervor of its municipalities, which these days is manifested in Holy Week (Priego de Córdoba, Cabra, Lucena) .Finally, among the multiple motivations that invite to know this region, you can opt for the Greenway of the Subbética, recovery of the old stroke of the Oil Train in this area, for its use and enjoy cycling and hiking throughout its 58 kilometers between Lucena, Cabra, DoñaMencía, Zuheros and Luque, where the bucolic mountain landscapes, the preserved railway architecture, active sports areas, rest areas and the Interpretation Center follow one another. of the Oil Train (Goat).

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