Recipes of Typical Dishes
The oil is the star product of the gastronomy of our town, being protected by the Protected Designation of Origin Priego de Córdoba. Its intense fruity, wide range of aromas and great personality make these oils the perfect complement to any condiment, enriching our palates, providing quality to the best cuisines. There is a gastronomy next to the traveler, rescued from the homes of our city, Authentic and rich, highlighting the flamenquines, oxtail, marinated dogfish, scrambled of collejas … In the pastry of our city stand out pestiños, empanadillas, piñonate, turrolate, almond curd, milk sticks, sweet quince, Mustaches, and the almond polvorón.

The most common traditional dishes are those that use legumes, meats and vegetables called potajes in their preparation. With the derivatives of pork slaughter, various products are elaborated, emphasizing the blood sausage, the pork loin or pork rinds. One of the oldest examples of gastronomic tradition is the carnival filling: a laborious mixture of meats served as cold cold cuts.

Priego is flavor, aroma and smell among the wide range of Andalusian gastronomy. Priego has a prominent place for its olive juices, for its oleotourism, as well as for its star, sweet and savory dishes, whose origin is a traditional, careful and popular cuisine. Your recipes can be consulted in the recipe book “Entre olivares”.