Jarales Lake (Natural Reserve)

Situated within the municipal area of Lucena, it has the smallest surface area. It is surrounded by triassic outcrops of limestone and loam. Its vegetation is fundamentally made up of tamarisks and olive groves. Its waters contain species such as the Mallard duck.


Bittersweet Lake (Natural Reserve)

Also situated in the Lucena municipal area is the Lake, it is the only permanent natural lake in the Subbetica. It has a belt of tamarisks around the lake and the most interesting and numerous bird and wildlife population in the group of wetlands to the south of Cordoba. It also has an observatory where you can observe the Malmsey duck.

lagunaconde o salobral

Lake of the Count (Natural Reserve)

Much larger when compared with the previous lakes and completely flat. This lake consists of salt water and is populated with outstanding migratory species. It has more than twenty different aquatic birds and we can occasionally find the red-crested pochard or the common coot.


Malpasillo Reservoir (Natural Park)

Near the village of JauJa covering 512 hectares, the reservoir is populated in large part by reed beds, and bulrushes which form an ideal habitat for animals such as the Marsh Harrier, and the Imperial Blue Crane.


Iznájar Reservoir

The main tributary of the Guadalquivir River, the Genil, turns in Iznájar into the major reservoir of Andalusia. It winds its way through the provinces of Cordoba, Málaga and Granada; with a capacity of over 950 million cubic meters, it is more than 100 kilometres from bank to bank and 32 kilometres in length, crossing in parallel the central part of the municipal area.


Valdearenas setting

In Iznájar reservoir, just over one kilometre away from the urban area, on the right bank of the reservoir, we can find a setting known as Valdearenas. This place, with 1.5 kilometres of beaches makes this area not only suitable for fishing or bird watching but also for enjoying nautical sports or hiking.