ADEBO sanctuary

GPS: 37.330873675299046 | -4.36382532119751

ADEBO (Association for the defense of the donkey) emerged in 1989. The Foundation’s project includes activities to exalt the donkey, the emblem of pacifism, the rescue of abandoned donkeys. Over 150 donkeys have been rescued and brought to this sanctuary in Rute in recent years. The association has been working on a recovery program specific for the Andalusian-Cordoba donkey race for 20 years. The facilities of the Casa del Burro are located in the area known as “El Pinar de la Sierra de Rute”, in the Natural Park of the Sierras Subbéticas, in an area of ​​great landscape that combines forest and agrarian areas. Since its creation it has counted with the collaboration of illustrious and famous people of great social impact such as Rafael Alberti, Camilo José Cela, Antonio Gala, José Saramago, Agata Ruíz de la Prada, Tico Medina, Carmen Thyssen, etc. All of them awarded with the title of “Honorary Arrieros”. In addition, the Foundation has worked in collaboration with the La Fura dels Baus group. Collaborations have also been made with musicians, poets, writers and journalists. Always making us participants in the relationship between the wonderfu and unknown world of donkeys and culture, art and religion.