Jamón Museum

GPS: 37.326888 | -4.364737

Centuries ago, our town was known for its famous cured hams, as Miguel de Cervantes quotes in two of his universal exemplary novels: “The Great Sultan Doña Catalina de Oviedo” and “El Casamiento Engañoso”. In this last Cervantes says: “and if he suffers, a few slices of ham from Rute will save him.”

Historical references to Rute hams have also been made, such as the present of the Duke of Medinasidonia to King Felipe IV on the occasion of the visit of the latter to the Coto de Doñana, in which 300 hams from Rute were offered, an amount that makes us think about the existence of a ham artisan industry of certain relevance. The fact that the Rute landscape was fundamentally composed of oaks and vineyards, which together with its favorable climatology and altitude made of Rute an ideal place for the raising of the pig.

Today, the artisan production of meat products derived from pork continues to be relevant in our locality with the help of Jamones Rute. For this reason, Jamones Rute, in his desire to favor, preserve and promote this food industry, has had the idea of ​​creating this Jamón Museum. The Jamón Museum, of Jamones Rute is a dream come true. The company was founded by the Jiménez Bueno family more than 60 years ago, who has over time leaveda wide range of instruments and equipment of the related to the artisan elaboration of the hams and sausages that are exposed here, with the care and dedication that characterizes them.

Open all year long.