Sugar Museum

GPS: 37.3194225 | -4.367816

A museum out of the ordinary created by La Flor de Rute, that put the same care into it as into the elaboration of its famous Christmas sweets. A journey through the history of Christmas sweets, thanks to the reproduction of an old family industry of mantecados, framed in a space full of details, curiosities and surprises.

Machinery, utensils,  and photographs of illustrious visitors, old cookbooks, explanatory dvd of the manufacturing process, etc.

In this Museum you can visit an exclusive exhibition of ANDALUCÍA EN AZÚCAR, making a tour of Andalusia through its monuments made entirely in sugar. A totally handmade work, which needs several months of labour, turns them into unique and exclusive pieces, made by master pastry chef D. Luis Muixi. Along with the exclusive exhibition ‘AAndalucía en azúcar’, in the museum you can see more monuments, figures and paintings made of such sweet material, as the Disney Castle, the figure of Salvador Dalí, the Duchess of Alba, Michael Jackson, Picasso or paintings as famous as Guernica, Las Meninas, …

Open during the months of October, November and December.